Mouth of the Devil is a text adventure set in the Old West with a fantasy twist. You play as a half-devil in a world where half-devils are unwanted and mistrusted, especially in isolated places like Littlecreek, run the by iron fist of Leigh White and his hateful gang, The Burning Hand. You’ve come to Littlecreek searching for his head, a prize for the revenge you seek. But nothing is as it seems in this place, including Leigh White himself. So you’d better watch that mouth o’ yours.

Features (Will or Currently include):

  • Use your words – almost all choices are dialogue based!
  • Make friends with the townsfolk – or don’t.
  • Multiple ways to get the information you seek: be kind, be aggressive, or be curious.
  • Three endings to your quest for revenge!


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Look'n forward to yer a'finish'n this game!